Heritage Champion Colin: Tottenham Has Character

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Colin with the author at a Heritage Champions Training session in November

Interview with Heritage Champion Colin

Colin is an urban designer who has a passion for heritage and regeneration. He has been working in regeneration for the past 10 years, and believes that no historical building should ever be abolished. "A building can always be revised, so the character of the area can be maintained" he says.

Colin didn't always work in regeneration; he started his career as a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. One day in the middle of the last recession, wanting more out of life and ready to chase his dreams, he began a Master’s degree in urban design and changed jobs. A gamble that has paid off – he loves his job, and wants to use his skills to help with this project.

Although he doesn't live in North Tottenham but in the south of the borough, he has a great affinity for the area. He particularly loves the corner of Tottenham which houses 639 High Road. Becoming a Heritage Champion has given him the opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle of that stretch of road, and appreciate the beauty and history that the building brings to the area from the Victorian era.

Being involved in this project has opened up other opportunities for Colin to consult on starting a similar project in Brent. Through information sharing, making contacts and connections he is keeping a sense of place and character alive around London.

– Bridget Badoe McQuick


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