Heritage Champions learn to Guide

Jason recounts the story of Whitbread Brewery

You may have been on a guided walk or tour before – but what about leading one? Our Heritage Champions have been learning how to do just that in their latest training session.

Over the course of three days, Champions discovered what makes a good guide and the features of a entertaining and informative walk. Alongside practical tips and tricks, trainers Paul Sinclair and Oonagh Gaye recounted the Ten Commandments of Guiding and warned of its Seven Deadly Sins. Paul and Oonagh are qualified Islington and Clerkenwell Guides and run Crouch End Walks (external link), which has a varied programme of walks and tours throughout London.

Chapel at Drapers' Almshouses, Bruce Grove. Heritage Champions uncovered the hidden histories of Tottenham's beautiful buildings.

Having watched the professionals give a tour around Stroud Green, the Champions were ready to try it out for themselves with a guided walk of their own neighbourhood. John, Rebecca, Carol, Ginny and Jason presented on the hidden histories of Tottenham's buildings. Local knowledge and individual stories made Tottenham come alive, with stops at places like Bruce Grove station, the Drapers' Almshouses, 639 High Road and Whitbread Brewery.

Rebecca shows the group how Bruce Grove changed over the years

Now that they are all fired up, Tottenham's Heritage Champions will be creating their own guided walks for the public this summer – get in touch if you'd like to find out more!


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