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Tottenham High Road: a short film

Last March, Media students from Haringey Sixth Form, working with filmmakers from Chocolate Films (external link) and their course leader Colin Johnson, storyboarded, shot and edited a short video about Tottenham High Road (or at least the northern end of it!) and the diversity of the communities that live, work and play there.


The film takes the viewer on a trip up the bustling street, stopping to interview shopkeepers, workers and residents along the way. As one local says: “When you saw it in the old days it was a privilege to walk along here.” Using photos from the Haringey Archive (external link), this short film underlines the road's treasured heritage, and reflects the shared desire to make it a source of community pride once more.


Students film the High Road

North Tottenham Townscape Heritage Initiative is commissioning Chocolate Films (external link) to create a short video with BTEC media students from Haringey Sixth Form. The film will tell the story of the High Road and the community it sustains. It will draw on three interviews with local people from different backgrounds to discover their thoughts on the social and built heritage … Continue reading Students film the High Road