Tottenham Walks

A local Heritage Champion and her partner have been uncovering the hidden histories of our area for a new book of guided walks.

Mareeni Raymond - JL

Tottenham Walks by Mareeni Raymond and Edward Richards features four walks which they have developed highlighting some of their favourite places and facts. Anyone can enjoy the walks which take in many of the noteworthy landmarks and streets of north Tottenham.

“We wrote the book because we are huge fans of the area we live in and believe it’s an understated place with a lot of hidden history,” said Mareeni. “So, with our daughter in tow, we’ve developed four guided walks. There are, of course, plenty of things we have left out – there isn’t enough space to include everything – but we hope interest will be piqued enough for readers to do some further exploring themselves!”

"We believe Tottenham is one of London’s best kept secrets."

One of the walks starts at Northumberland Park overground station and takes in the house where famed Spurs footballer Walter Tull used to live, as well as many interesting buildings on the High Road – including the Spurs stadium – finishing at Bruce Grove overground station.

Another starts at Bruce Grove, taking in the home of the ‘Father of meteorology’, Luke Howard, before diving into Bruce Castle Park which stars the elegant Bruce Castle Museum. Along the way the book provides plenty of interesting observations and facts to keep you entertained on your rambles.

“We believe Tottenham is one of London’s best kept secrets,” said Mareeni. “It’s been fascinating learning about our area and some of my favourite ‘finds’ have been learning more about the lovely almshouses in Bruce Grove, the 500-year-old oak tree in Bruce Castle Park and Walter Tull’s house.”

– Jonathan Lovett

[This article originally appeared on Team North Tottenham.]



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