Who was Bobby Buckle?


How much do you know about Spurs history? Do you know who founded the club or who its first captain was? Who was the club's first Treasurer? Secretary? Director? Who scored its first recorded goal?

Fortunately there is one easy answer to all these questions: Bobby Buckle. Yes, Bobby Buckle was not just one of the founders of the Hotspur football team he played a key role in the club's foundational moments on and off the pitch.

Bobby Buckle was born in Tottenham in 1868 and attended Tottenham Grammar School from 1880 to 1882. He lived at White Cottage, 7 White Hart Lane (the address was used as the first postal address for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club).

Spurs' first and second teams in 1885. Robert Buckle bottom row second left

He featured in the club's first known line-up as the team captain (just 13 years old!) and is credited as the the club's first recorded goal scorer. Known as a speedy winger, he remained a mainstay of the side for ten years.

Off the pitch he served in various capacities, serving on the committee from 1884, as honorary secretary, treasurer and on the first board of directors in 1898.

In 1900, Buckle married and moved down to Merton in South West London. Having overseen the club's move to professional status, the formation of a Limited Company and its finding a permanent home at the White Hart Lane ground, he resigned from all his positions at the club, though staying a loyal supporter. He passed away in April 1959, the club's last surviving founder.

'White Cottage', 7 White Hart Lane, where Bobby Buckle lived from 1870-1900. Copyright: London Metropolitan Archives

Campaigners are now working to get Buckle's influence on the founding and development of Spurs recognised with a Blue Plaque on his family home at 7 White Hart Lane. The property will be restored to its former glory as part of the Townscape Heritage Initiative.

‚ÄčIf you would like to support the application please go to the campaign's support page (external link) to fill out the survey.

More information about London's Blue Plaque scheme is available on the English Heritage website (external link).

Text adapted from Bobby Buckle website (external link).


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