Young people learn from Tottenham’s built heritage


We recently supported MOLA (external link) in delivering a Built Heritage Youth Engagement Programme which aims to reach out to disadvantaged young people in Haringey.

MOLA worked in partnership with Haringey Council Youth Justice Service to offer 10 young people the chance to participate in a two week programme of tours, talks, workshops, site visits and skills sessions designed to offer an insight into the heritage sector and teach new transferrable skills, inspiring confidence and providing new experiences. At the end of the programme, the students publically exhibited their projects in MOLA’s Time Truck, parked at Bernie Grant Arts Centre.


Tottenham Hotspur Foundation invited the group to explore the ongoing renovations of historic buildings, Percy House and 810 on the High Road. Students had the opportunity to study their unique interiors, discover the exciting things being uncovered during renovation and learn how to record them with MOLA’s Built Heritage team.

Read more about the project on MOLA's blog (external link).


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